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Negligence during birth leaves a baby with brain damage

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2022 | Medical Malpractice

For new parents in Tennessee, the birth of their child is a miraculous moment filled with joy, wonder and love. Childbirth is a delicate and complicated process that requires focus and attention to detail from doctors, nurses and other medical providers. Unfortunately, any mistake made during the birthing process can have permanent and disastrous consequences for both the infant and mother.

Details of a birth injury lawsuit

Parents in another state filed a lawsuit against a medical clinic over claims that negligence during the birth of their child left the baby with permanent brain damage. Allegedly, providers at the clinic used a vacuum and forceps to deliver the infant. According to the lawsuit, doctors improperly used the tools and fractured the infant’s skull during childbirth.

As a result, the lawsuit said the child was left with debilitating and permanent brain damage. A jury awarded more than $98 million to the family for the defendant’s malpractice and negligence. Records indicated it was the largest medical malpractice judgment in their state’s history. Reportedly, the clinic filed for bankruptcy shortly after the case.

Where can victims and families go for help?

When errors or negligence happen during a delicate medical procedure like childbirth, mothers and their babies ultimately suffer the consequences. Those in Tennessee who have suffered due to birth injuries or medical malpractice have the right to reach out to a seasoned lawyer and seek legal recourse. A successfully litigated case could result in much-needed compensation to help families recover from this traumatic experience.