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Steps to take if you are the victim of a pedestrian accident

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Sadly, most drivers here in Arizona realize that the threat of another motorist’s negligent actions doesn’t necessarily end as soon as you arrive at your destination. Pedestrian accidents occur far too often, especially near crosswalks, intersections and parking lots. Due to the lack of protection against an oncoming motor vehicle, victims of these incidents frequently suffer catastrophic injuries, such as broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, internal damage and bleeding, and spinal cord injuries.

Examples of driver negligence

What’s especially frustrating is that a large proportion of these unfortunate incidents are completely preventable. Some of the most frequently reported examples of negligence by drivers that resulted in pedestrian accidents include distracted driving, speeding, driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and failure to yield or obey a traffic sign. Any of these unlawful actions by motorists can put you at a high risk of harm if you are in close vicinity to them.

There are some important steps you can take in the aftermath of being struck by a motor vehicle that can benefit you both in the short- and long term. First and foremost, try to remain as calm as possible despite how frightening and chaotic the situation may be. From there, proceed through the following actions if your circumstances allow for it:

  • Check yourself for any injuries, and call 911 if you have any serious injuries.
  • If no 911 call is needed, call the police so there will be an official report of the accident.
  • Remain at the accident scene.
  • Avoid discussing the details of the incident with any other individuals already there, especially the driver.
  • If there are any eye witnesses of the incident, make sure and get their contact information.

You will also want to seek medical aid right away if needed, and keep all medical documentation from this point forward. Last but not least, the experience of a personal injury attorney could potentially prove invaluable to your cause. You have the right to seek justice and the maximum amount of compensation to which you are entitled. A successfully litigated civil lawsuit can result in monetary damages to cover many of your medical bills in addition to your pain and suffering.