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Strong Representation In Surgical Error Cases

Any surgery has the potential to result in complications, but when a doctor makes a mistake, it can result in medical malpractice that causes a victim to suffer catastrophic injuries. Even the smallest mistake can have lifelong consequences, and it is only right that the victim receives fair compensation for their injuries.

At Law Offices of Daniel L. Clayton, I know how these injuries can happen, and I know how to hold hospitals and doctors accountable for their actions. I take the time to gather the information and evidence necessary to maximize the compensation my clients earn for their surgical error claims.

Common Causes Of Surgical Errors

Knowing what can cause a surgical error is the first step in securing compensation that accurately reflects the cost of recovery in a unique case. In the years I have been representing clients throughout middle Tennessee with these cases, I have seen injuries caused by:

  • Wrong site errors
  • Tools or instruments left within the body
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Reckless surgical techniques

One example of a surgical error involves the gallbladder. This delicate organ is extremely vulnerable to any kind of disturbance or interference. For instance, if the bile duct is cut during surgery, it can result in catastrophic injuries with lifelong complications or even death.

Someone To Stand For You

While surgeries are an extremely delicate and complex process, that is no excuse for a medical professional conducting a surgical error. If you believe that you suffered from medical malpractice in the operating room, call my Nashville office at 629-895-0135 or email me here to schedule your initial consultation today. The sooner you reach out to my office, the sooner I can begin building your case.