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Woman’s permanent disability blamed on negligence

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2023 | Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect

As loved ones grow older, they may begin to lose some of their independence. Thankfully, there are many great long-term care facilities and nursing homes in Tennessee that provide living arrangements and assistance for those who are no longer able to live by themselves. The overwhelming majority of these nursing homes take exceptional care of their residents. However, any type of negligent care or abuse from staff members can result in permanent injuries or the death of residents. 

Nursing home staff accused of negligence 

Recently, a nursing home with a history of negligence was investigated after claims that its neglect left a female resident in a vegetative state. According to reports, the woman complained about a severe headache, but the charge nurse on duty told an aide that the woman had already been given pain medication. Later the same day, reports said the woman complained that her headache had worsened and was causing her excruciating pain, but nothing was done.  

Allegedly, the woman asked to be sent to a hospital, but her requests were ignored by staff members. According to an aide at the facility, she checked on the woman the next day and found her soaked in urine and unresponsive. Investigators later found that the woman had likely suffered a stroke and was not given the treatment she needed, which resulted in her now being in a vegetative state. 

Where can families go for help? 

Negligent care or abuse happens in nursing facilities more often than people realize. Families in Tennessee whose loved ones have been subjected to nursing home abuse or negligence have the right to consult an experienced attorney and file a claim. A successful lawsuit could result in victims and families receiving much-needed compensation to ease the pain, suffering and financial burden of this experience.