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Family awarded $20 million in medical malpractice claim

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2023 | Medical Malpractice

All doctors and other medical professionals in Tennessee are required to undergo years of academic and on-the-job training in order to treat and care for patients. Yet, medical providers are human, and humans will inevitably make mistakes, regardless of experience or training. Unfortunately, when a doctor or surgeon makes a mistake, the patient ultimately suffers the consequences.  

Medical malpractice 

In another state, a medical malpractice lawsuit was filed by the family of a man who lost his life after he was allegedly given high doses of pain medication in a hospital. According to the claim, the man sought treatment for severe abdominal pain and was diagnosed with inflammation of the pancreas. The lawsuit said the man’s doctor ordered increasing doses of the pain medication Dilaudid and continued to administer the medication to the patient throughout the night and into the next morning.  

Allegedly, the man also had sleep apnea, which can cause a person to suffer complications when taking an opioid. However, the doctor did not ask if the man had sleep apnea before administering the pain medication, the lawsuit claimed. The man’s wife said he was found unresponsive the next day and died a few days later. Reportedly, the jury sided with the plaintiffs and awarded the family $20 million. 

Help in the aftermath 

When humans are involved, there will always be a chance for errors. Anyone in Tennessee who has been affected by medical malpractice may want to consider speaking with an experienced attorney about their options for legal recourse. A successful lawsuit could result in much-needed compensation to help victims and families recover monetary losses and ease their suffering.